Best Engineer 6.0 marked the yearly gathering orchestrated by the IEEE Student Branch at Government Engineering College Barton Hill Thiruvananthapuram. This event, tailor-made for the first-year undergraduate students of Government Engineering College Barton Hill Thiruvananthapuram, is an exclusive platform designed to challenge participants' abilities and their ability to think on their feet.

The journey began with the first round, which consisted of a preliminary exam assessing participants' grasp of the fundamental concepts in the STEM field. It challenged them to apply their existing knowledge under the pressure of a time-bound, high-stress environment.

The second round presented students with the unique opportunity to choose from a plethora of unsolved global challenges. Their task was to conceptualize, conduct research, and develop innovative solutions to these problems. They were required to compile a comprehensive report and present their engineering solutions. This round was exceptionally demanding, with a twist: only one team could advance to the finals, emphasizing the significance of teamwork.

The grand finale, conducted on January 25, 2020 , took the form of a classic interview round. This phase rigorously assessed the budding engineers' abilities to think critically, communicate effectively, solve problems, and present themselves confidently. Prior to this round, finalists were required to submit their resumes and respond to a questionnaire explaining why they deserved the coveted award.

Out of a pool of more than 250 participants and following intense competition among the top four finalists, Vivek Kumar Chaubey (Dept. of Information Technology) emerged as the well-deserved winner of Best Engineer 6.0, exemplifying excellence in engineering potential.