The inaugural round of Best Engineer 8.0 commenced on October 31, 2022, within the classrooms of Government Engineering College, Barton Hill, Thiruvananthapuram. During this phase, participants were provided with an equal opportunity to familiarize themselves with IEEE and undergo an Aptitude Test—a crucial step in the campus recruitment process. Following an evaluation of results from first-year students across various engineering departments, including ECE, EEE, IT, Civil, and Mechanical Engineering, a common cutoff score was established. Out of an impressive pool of nearly 350 participants, 25 individuals advanced to the second round.

The second round of Best Engineer 8.0 unfolded on November 8, 2022, where participants engaged in group discussions aimed at evaluating their reasoning abilities, teamwork, and communication skills. Only those who triumphed in the first round were eligible for this stage, leading to an intense competition among the 25 candidates. Participants were presented with challenging topics and allowed 3 minutes each to prepare using any available resources. Ultimately, 7 exceptional candidates stood out and progressed to the third and final round

The third and ultimate round involved HR interviews designed to assess participants' reasoning skills, leadership qualities, and professionalism. The competition was fierce among the shortlisted 4 candidates

The participants demonstrated remarkable skills and delivered an outstanding performance throughout the event. Arjun B Gopan of S1 ECE emerged as the champion, while Fabi Fathima of S1 IT received a special mention for their impressive contributions. Arjun B Gopan was awarded a cash prize of Rs. 10,000, and Fabi Fathima received a Special Mention prize of Rs. 500. The 8th edition of this iconic event concluded with great enthusiasm and fanfare.